Top 10 things every woman should have in her closet

We all love to keep up with all the latest trends, but we beautiful women must start investing in some basics that we will be wearing over and over, and that will make getting dressed a breeze. These wardrobe essentials are the stepping-stones of every fashionate girl’s closet.

1.  Classy black dress

Ah! The elegant black dress !!!! We all know that we should have a black dress, but it’s important to invest in one that’s very special. A gorgeous black dress will take you from your busy job to a romantic date just by playing with the accessories! Look for a dress with an interesting detail, like a unique sleeve, an embellished belt or even the texture of the fabric. Keep it simple and classic with a style that hits just above your knee to get the most use out of it.

And remember that finding the perfect fit is the key to rock the classy black dress look!



2.  Black Leather Jacket 

A black leather jacket, not brown or any other color, but black, is an essential layering piece that makes anything and everything look instantly cooler. It adds a rocker edge even to the girliest prints, takes summer dresses into fall, and looks absolutely awesome with jeans or cutoffs and a tee.



3. Trench coat 

Wanna look classy on any outfit? Get yourself a trench coat with great quality. It may be expensive but think of it as an investment piece, because you’ll wear it forever, even if you fluctuate in size. Look for a classic A-line silhouette that will cinch you in at the waist and wear it over everything from suits to jeans.



4. Perfectly fitting  jean

Is there any clothing that we love more than a perfect jean? Yup, It is a flattering piece to wear on any occasion. The color doesn’t matter but my favs are dark blue, light blue wash and black. Pair them with platforms or wedges to get extra height while keeping the look casual and comfortable.



5. Leopard print scarf 

A Scarf is not only for the winter but for any season. It instantly makes you look classy and stylish. Even if you’re wearing a basic T-shirt and jeans, use accessories like a printed scarf as the crown piece to complete your look.



6.  Plain White t-shirt

Do you look at your closet and think “ I have nothing to wear” ? Then, a simple white tee is your savior. Trends get boring pretty quick, but there are some things that are here to stay, like a white tee and your jeans. You’ll wear it all the time—with jeans, under sweaters, with skirts, you name it!  A white tee is a must-have for every wardrobe. Finding the perfect white tee can be a bit tricky. The best ones are soft with a relaxed fit—not too tight or too loose.



7. Perfect Black pumps

From jeans to a cocktail dress, everything in your closet matches with these babies. You can pull them on without thinking whether they’ll match. Many pumps feature peep toes, open toes, pointed toes, rounded toes, ankle straps and other adornments, and they can have heels of varying heights and types. For plenty of women, it’s a pair of black or beige heels, but classic pointy-toe flats can fit the bill too. In the beginning it is safe to start with the classic pumps with a medium heel.



8. Denim jacket

Like your favorite pair of jeans, a denim jacket goes with everything, and it’s a great layering piece for warm summer nights, cool fall days, or even when you need an extra layer in the freezing winter. The total appeal of a denim jacket is its versatility and resilience. It should fit like a shirt while structure and nature of denim makes it look well-beyond its boxed title as just a “jacket.” Signature jean blue is a go-to standard if you’re making a first denim jacket purchase.



9. Black Blazer

Find a stylish blazer that you feel comfortable in, and you’ll have it in your closet for years to come. A tailored blazer is classic, feminine and looks great on all body types. It’s an essential that makes any outfit look instantly more professional and stylish, and can dress up jeans and a tee for a night out or just over a dress for a party. Make sure to find one that fits you well and accentuates your waist—you don’t want it to look like you are hiding inside it!”


10. Striped shirt

This is a timeless classic piece which looks absolutely gorgeous when paired with brights or prints or peeking out from underneath a blazer. Pair it with jean, pants, skirts and whatnot.


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