Best ways to style your new Apple Watch!

Wohooo!! The new Apple Watch series 3 is here ! Aren’t we excited? 🙂   As we all know, An Apple Watch is like an all rounder super gadget with which you can answer a call from your surfboard, stream 40 million songs with Apple Music right from your wrist, ask Siri to set a reminder or send a message, send a calendar invitation, or give you directions, without your phone and whatnot. Amazing isn’t it ?! wah!


I guess there won’t be any need to take out your phone very often because everything is at a glance away. You might wonder, where is the trouble in taking out the phone from your pocket and using it! But trust me, We don’t wear outfits with pockets everyday and so we need to keep the phone in the bag.

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The new Apple Watch series has made it easier for us to access our phone without holding it. It will save time and present you with what you need to know without digging around in apps. So, in case you’re stumped when it comes to how to actually make this device look cool, check out the gallery above!

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