Fall trip to Arkansas

Celebrating the fall season is more than just home decors and burnt orange sweaters. I wanted to have a different fall experience which made me take a road trip to Arkansas. I didn’t plan out a schedule, I didn’t pack a ton of clothes and necessities, I didn’t pre plan our hotel stay or any activities. Instead I just randomly decided that I really needed to go on a road trip with my husband and that’s how it started.

DSC_0154 2

Just like a perfectly planned vacation , a random unplanned road trip is also such a soulfilling experience. I really wanted to stay in a wood cabin in buffalo river area but since it’s a peak time to see fall colors, every single cabin was booked. I chose cabin stay not just for the experience but also because of the short distance to hawksbill crag.


Yes, the Hawksbill crag aka Whitaker point. What an amazing idea , right ! We stayed in Hampton Inn in Clarksville, which had amazing reviews. It was the next best choice in the very next town. We were welcomed by their super amiable staff , who provided a wonderful customer service. When there was a issue in our room door, they swiftly responded by giving us a new room.


For dinner we visited the Crosswoods restaurant and sportsclub. We enjoyed our country style dinner and drink with a rocking karaoke night . That particular day, we saw freeze warning, and that’s exactly what happened. It was so cold even during the day, but my forever21 bomber jacket kept me so cozy and warm. It matched the fall theme perfectly and I paired it with black sleeveless top and black denim.


The next morning I woke up super excited for the hike to the Whitaker’s point. The breakfast buffet at Hampton inn was awesome by the way! And we found our car covered in sparkly ice crystals. What a perfect magical morning!


It was early in the morning, fog everywhere, cold winds filling the ears and teasing the spines. Every lake we passed by was covered by foggy smoke and every grass field had ice crystal layer on them.


The drive through the ozark mountain forest is so precious. I could feel a different world just in a few moments after entering the forest. The steep cliffs and hairpins bends layered with tall fall colored trees was a perfect cocktail of bliss.


The Hawksbill crag trail is a 3 mile round trip hiking trail which had amazing views and things to explore at every step. The fall leaves canopy and the cold path demanded every ounce of my strength.


I’m not much of a hiker, Infact it’s just my second hike. It was not easy but I felt so free. Now I can understand why people hike, camp, sail and fly . It’s that feeling – the moment when you realize you’re nothing in front of this magical and powerful nature.


Once I got the view of the actual Whitaker’s point , I was in awe. I’m not afraid of heights much , but hey, I still fear for my life. It’s one of the best stops in the world for capturing super cool photos. For more pictures, click here. When I stood at the tip of the Hawksbill crag, for a moment I was so grateful for the life I’m living.


The view taught me many life lessons than any philosopher would. As Jack Kerouac said , “Because in the end you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain!

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