Oh hi ! Hello there πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for visiting Fashionate girl!

I’m Nivedha, a 24 year old girl from Chennai, India. I graduated with an Engineering degree in 2014 and juggled around many jobs searching for my passion.

Two years later i got married to the love of my life ( blush blush πŸ˜› ) and move to Dallas, Texas and was lucky enough to stumble upon the world of fashion, something I will forever be thankful for. Leaving all that I had known forced me to figure out what I wanted in life. Trust me, new perspective made it much more visible.

I have always had a wild and adventurous spirit. I never silenced that desire to learn, to explore, to continually reinvent, to seek the things that truly excite the creative part of me. I have let curiosity run wild and it has made my path clear.

Fashion is the one thing I am so in love with and starting the Fashionate girl blog pushed me to learn more of what excited me. I was able to explore new hobbies – photography, fashion, writing, traveling – at my own pace with no other motives, just pure enjoyment.

The purpose of the Fashionate girl blog is to express the collection of my thoughts, ideas, and inspirations and to share my favorite looks, sales, fashion finds, beauty tips and travel diaries with you. I would love to improvise your way of dressing, add some elegance to your style and watch your confidence soar!

Just another curious mind on a continuous journey. Just me and you, exploring together. I truly enjoy connecting with you all and I thank you from the bottom of my heartΒ for being part of my story. Stay tuned πŸ™‚